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State and local organizations are looking for state-of-the-art Enterprise Licensing Solutions that can help them meet their objectives of transforming the licensing and certification process and the interaction with participants and stakeholders involved in those activities. GCOM provides premier solutions with a tailored implementation approach that help actualize the commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of all residents who rely on the services of certified and licensed entities. GCOM specializes in delivering solutions that are flexible, scalable, and configurable enough to support the licensing, certification, and regulatory needs of a broad set of entities across multiple agencies.

A Comprehensive ELS Solution

Consulting and Services

GCOM is a trusted partner known to be fully vested in customers’ initial and ongoing success. GCOM’s wealth of domain expertise enables us to offer state and local government customers a tailored approach to digital transformation. By recognizing the nuances of different agencies’ technology challenges, GCOM helps bridge the gap between legacy systems and next-generation solutions. Our extremely tech-savvy team is the strategic partner agencies need to determine the most cost-effective, efficient, and constituent-centric path forward to their ELS modernization. GCOM’s team of technologists and domain experts have decades of industry-leading expertise under their belts. GCOM has earned a stellar reputation as a client-focused, innovative government solutions provider, and looks to revalidate its reputation with every new client project. GCOM consulting offers the following value proposition:

  • Optimize Digital Engagement with a Solution Innovator

    We provide relentless focus on user experience that helps transform interaction with participants and stakeholders of the system We use domain expertise and industry best practices to help clients achieve desired outcomes

  • Reduce Risk with a Trusted Implementation Partner

    We are large enough to scale, yet small enough to be nimble with deep experience in managing complex multi-agency environments. We are an ideal alternative to large SI fatigue. We effectively combine the optimal mix of services, people, processes, and technologies to deliver an innovative, future-proof solution

  • Improve Agency Operations with Reliable Managed Services

    We leverage our phenomenal track record to innovate, tailor, run, and manage systems to successfully meet agency goals. As a premier, experienced managed service provider we ensure security and reliability of the system and adherence to critical standards such as HIPAA We provide sought-after digital skills that free up internal IT staff to focus on other value-add work

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